How to Board by Yourself

1 When boarding at stations without a station attendant present

Press the button on the door to open the door

*The door will not open without pressing the button.

If you do not have a ticket, please take a numbered ticket

2 When getting off without a station attendant present

For fare information, check the fare table at the very front of the first car.

* For fares, check the numbered ticket number or the station name

Put the fare with your numbered ticket, or your ticket into the fare box

* For commuter passes, show the commuter pass to the driver

Press the “Open” door button behind the driver to open the door and get out


  • Please prepare the right fare amount in advance (change will not be given)
  • Take care of others in the immediate vicinity when opening or closing the train doors
  • All doors will open at all hours at Aomori station, Noheji station, and Hachinohe station
  • Getting off from a door other than the designated door may result in unauthorized boarding

The door that opens will vary depending on the station or trains in use. When unsure,
“Board from the rearmost door of car 1”
“Exit from the foremost door of car 1”

* Check here for station-specific information on how to board and disembark the train.