COVID-19 Infection Control Measures

COVID-19 measures put in place by Aoimori Railway

At Aoimori Railway, we have put in place the following COVID-19 measures.

Measures inside the station


Disinfecting station facilities (areas around the customer service counter and automatic ticket machines, elevator buttons, escalator handrails, etc.)

Measures inside the train


Antibacterial and antiviral protection applied to surfaces that customers come into contact with inside the train (straps, handrails, seats, baggage racks), as well as inside toilets, on doors, glass surfaces, walls, and ceilings


Improved ventilation inside the train by opening train doors, etc.

Other measures

Well known

Raising awareness of basic infection prevention measures (hand washing, and etiquette when coughing) through announcements, and leaflets and posters, and electronic displays

Broadcast information

Announcements informing users of infection prevention measures inside the train and the station

Wearing a mask

Having all employees carry out infection prevention measures such as hand washing, wearing masks and gargling

Understanding your health

Checking the health of employees during the daily roll call, etc.

Requests to customers

To ensure a safe ride, please do the following.

Please wear a mask

Please wear a mask

Please keep conversations to a minimum

Please keep conversations to a minimum

At intervals

When the train is empty, please space yourself away from other passengers